domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Una víspera de San Eugenio en El Pardo

El escritor norteamericano John Dos Passos contó en una carta a su amigo Rumsey Marvin su visita a El Pardo del día 14 de Noviembre de 1916:

"I had the most wonderful day yesterday. With two college friends of mine who turned up most unexpectedly here in Spain I walked out from Madrid to a little royal Hunting Lodge, El Pardo -A most beautiful morning's walk through a misty river valley with long yellow slopes dotted with evergreen oaks- a bit like California- under a wonderful burning blue sky with the Guadarrama mountains rising to meet us as we advanced. At El Pardo we launched at a little table in the village square under yellow autumnal poplar trees, that dropped their leaves with a little rustling sound through the perfect glowing sundrugged stillness of the afternoon. The Vino de Jerez cast a wonderful flare of light on the table where the sun shone through it. We ate omelettes and jamon and fruit all sprinkled with gold dust by the sun and watched the leaves fall rustling down through the yellow poplar trees... Then we walked back to Madrid through the afternoon, the autumn air, full of the tang of raked leaves being burned and climbed a hill in face of a marvellous sunset and saw Madrid sparkle below us with its rows of yellow lights in the blue grey dusk and heard a squeaky organ playing and saw people dancing, whirling under a red gasflare, while the organ ground out its jerky little tune-Mon enfant-it was a day-. [...].

Recogido en Ludington, Townsend, ed. The Fourteenth Chronicle : letters and diaries of John Dos Passos. 1 st. [Boston]: Gambit, 1973.

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